Performing Arts Medicine


Performing artists of all kinds sustain injuries that are unique to their field.

We have specialized for over a decade in performing arts medicine and in helping artists achieve their career goals.


The Israel Performing Arts Medicine Center treats the medical issues of all performing artists: musicians, singers, actors and dancers. The center holds lectures, seminars and workshops for teachers and students.

The field of performing art medicine is relatively new, and was developed during the 1980’s.

The Israel Performing Arts Medicine Center was founded in 1995, with the aid of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and the Jerusalem Music Center.

Alan Wallis, a certified and experienced physical therapist, 1986 alumni of Tel Aviv University, is among the staff of the Israel Performing Arts Medicine Center. Alan Wallis took part in a special training program in the field of performing art medicine in the United States.

The Israel Performing Medicine Center’s staff is unique since its members realize the artistic capabilities of their patients, and are familiar with the pathologies of the injuries sustained by these artists.

The chairman of the Israel Performing Arts Medicine Center is Dr. Itzhak Siev-Ner, Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department of Tel Hashomer Hospital.

There are great similarities between musicians and athletes. Both activities require strenuous mental and physical capability, and the physical activity is especially demanding since it requires strength, agility and coordination. Athletes however, are more aware of the importance of physical therapy.

Musicians and other performers are not always aware of the physical hardships that accompany their profession. The Israel Performing Arts Medicine Center treats ailments of the vocal cords, lower-back aches, wrist aches, and even the frustrating problem of stage fright.

Alan Wallis has specialized for over a decade in physical therapy especially suited to performing artists.

Dancers suffer from problems in their lower limbs, singers suffer from vocal cord ailments and from tension in their neck and shoulders. Musicians have medical problems unique to the instruments they play.

Alan Wallis founded the “Wallis – Physiotherapy and Holistic Center”, which is located in spacious premises, facing the Armon Ha’Natziv Promenade.

Performing artists living in the Jerusalem area are treated at the center.

The unique medical service which the center provides includes a comprehensive screening composed of a thorough medical questionnaire and the activity patterns of each artist. Following the screening process, professional consultation is offered to the patient in order to prevent future physical injuries, or to provide treatment and rehabilitation, if necessary, that the patient will have a safe and gradual return to performing activity.

The Israel Performing Arts Medicine Center hold lectures, seminars and workshops for teachers and students, in cooperation with leading music and dance professionals.

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