What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is the combination of traditional yogic techniques with Western medical and science knowledge. Practically, it is taught one-on-one and involves gentle movement combined with breathing, relaxation, and calming mental focus.

How is Yoga Therapy different from a regular yoga class?

  • Yoga therapy focuses on achieving a specific health goal  
    • (Yoga classes focus on mastering yoga methods and practices)
  • Yoga therapy focuses on helping you master therapeutic tools you can use independently at home
    • (Yoga classes focuses on classroom led instruction)
  • Yoga therapy sessions are 100% personalized to your goals and capabilities.
    • Yoga classes are often "one size fits all" and may not be appropriate for your health condition or goals.

Is Yoga Therapy for me?

Yoga therapy sessions are delivered one on one, and are adapted to the specific physical and psychological needs of the student. The most common condition treated is pain or chronic symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome. Additionally, many clients come seeking improvements in sleep, reduction of anxiety, or more general improvement in physical health and mental function.

What can I expect in the first session?

The first session begins with a discussion of your health history and personal goals. We will work together to build a therapeutic plan and you will be taught personalized yoga based exercises that including movement, breathing, relaxation, and mental focus.

How long does it take to "work"?

Many clients start to experience positive benefits within 2 weeks of practice.