Pelvic floor Therapy for Men

איור רצפת האגן

Although Pelvic Floor Therapy is usually associated as a women’s health issue. Pelvic Floor dysfunction is often found in pregnant women and after giving birth.

However many men also suffer from symptoms which are associated with Pelvic floor dysfunction and many of us guys are not even aware that there is even a problem with these muscles. 

Pelvic floor muscles are a group of supportive muscles stretching from the tailbone at the back of the spine ant attach to the pubic bones at the front. 

1) These muscles support the pelvic organs, bladder, and bowel, so that they don’t fall down and drop from the pelvic area. 

2) Pelvic floor muscles also control the sphincters which include the anus and the urethra. 

3) They are also important in erectile function during sex. 

Physiotherapy evaluation and treatment by a pelvic floor therapist can strengthen or release the particular muscles around the pelvic floor. As a therapist specializing in the field of Men’s health it is of utmost importance to educate men of all ages about their bodies. 

Knowledge and understanding about the reasons for the symptoms in the Pelvic floor together with treatment can greatly improve quality of life for men who has problems with bladder or erectile function.