Orthopedic Insoles

(because there are insoles & there are insoles!)

Benefits of custom-fitted Insoles:

  • Foot and ankle supported by the insoles.
  • Equal body weight distribution over whole foot.
  • Shock absorber capacities built in to the insoles.
  • Improves walking and increases comfort.



  • Improves overall posture.
  • Drastically decreases pain in foot, ankle, toes, knee, and back.



Insole Fitting

Exclusive to the Wallis Physiotherapy & Holistic Center; examination by Certified Physiotherapist who will prescribe for you the most effective and suitable insoles.

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Like walking on air……………..

Check our special discounts for the 2 types* of insole!

>* Insoles with three specially designed layers:  cork, PLC and shock absorbers.
The cost is 430 NIS instead of 800 NIS.
(Kupot Cholim “Meuchedet”  & “Clalit” offer an additional discount)

>*The mechanical/graphite orthopedic foot support insoles, with shock absorbers, the best foot support product in the world, are being sold at 750 NIS instead of 1,700 NIS
(Kupot Cholim “Meuchedet”  & “Clalit” offer an additional discount)