Fascial manipulation

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Fascial tissue is connective tissue that envelops all our muscles and internal organs and, in fact, forms our “body shape”. It is also the tissue that connects our muscles to one another and to our bones.
Current research has shown that the fascia tissue plays a crucial role in healthy bodily function in general and, in particular, in body motion. The research has proven that this tissue is full of nerve cells, contains lymph vessels and even acts as a vehicle for transferring kinematic forces in human motion.
The therapeutic approach termed “Fascial Manipulation (Stecco)” is a manual approach that targets musculo-skeletal problems (motion restriction, pain etc.). The method is based on clinical and anatomical research and comprises structured methodology and full therapeutic strategy, specifically addressing the fascial system in order to restore optimal movement to the joint and to reduce pain, while working on pathological behaviour patterns.


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