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Dr. Elan Schneider

"Elan- I just wanted to thank you. You helped me learn techniques for controlling and dealing with my flare ups and pain.  I feel like I turned my life around with your help and will never go back to the depression I had before your program.  There is not enough I can say or do to thank you." - Former Patient

Elan has a doctorate in physical therapy from Northeastern University and is a certified yoga instructor.  Elan is currently practicing as a yoga therapist with a special focus on injury rehabilitation, chronic stress, and complex pain conditions. 

Elan has over 10 years of clinical experience.  He has been an onsite physical therapist at the Costco company, and the director of a New York physical therapy clinic specializing in treatment of chronic pain.

Elan is an adjunct faculty member at the State University of New York, and has lectured on pain science and chronic pain rehabilitation at universities. academic hospitals, corporations and professional conferences internationally. 

Elan is a c0founder of a nonprofit pain education organization (Retrain Pain).  The course he wrote has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and has been translated into over 20 languages.

In addition to clinical work, Elan is involved in research and development of innovative technology solutions for chronic pain rehabilitation. 

"My first session with Elan I could not get onto the table and could barely move.  He was an excellent  physical therapist and  I could walk by the time we finished working together." -Former Patient