Achilles Heel: Heart and insoles in Jerusalem

There is no doubt that back, knee and foot problems are some of the most irritating for all sectors of the population. In the past, it was thought that back pain and pain in the knee joints affected only older people. However, today it is well known that young people also suffer from such problems.
Consequently, young people also undergo treatment for those ailments.

One of the places that offer treatment is the Achilles Heel Orthopedic Institute in Jerusalem.

Elihai Zana, the manager and proprietor of Achilles Heel, explains, “We make custom-fitted insoles, after making an in-depth analysis of the foot and analyzing other relevant parts of the body. ”Zana has been interested in health issues ever since he can remember.

He was deeply immersed in anatomy, with an emphasis on orthopedics. From there, the road to helping people with back and knee pain was relatively short. By producing insoles that are adjusted to each individual body, it is possible to alleviate the pain in both the back and the knee joints.

Achilles Heel is considered one of the best institutes of its kind in Israel. That is why people flock to Achilles from all over the country.

There are not many professional orthopedic experts in Israel, and less with the expertise that Zana possesses. Indeed, for many sufferers who have been treated by Zana, he is considered a magician in his field. He treats every patient on an individual basis, thereby creating a positive rapport with the people he treats. His fame has spread far and wide, and it is no wonder that orthopedic doctors refer patients suffering from back, knee and foot pain to the Achilles Institute.

They are secure in the knowledge that expertly made insoles adapted to the individual needs of the patient may well solve their problems.
“Unfortunately,” says Zana, “it is very difficult to find an orthopedic institute that will diagnose and treat the problem, as well as provide a real solution. It is difficult to find someone with expertise in the field of orthopedics and biomechanics of the foot and, in addition, is a technician who has the right to take care of people. 

It is difficult to find a person well versed in the field of insoles. In Israel, the field of insoles as a means to solve orthopedic problems is not well developed. There are almost no places where you can study the subject in a precise and professional way with relation to the body.
In this regard, the Achilles Institute is unique.”

Where did Zana acquire the knowledge necessary to heal? Zana explains, “I am a third generation member of a family with a business in footwear. Even as a little boy, I could be found helping my father, who was an expert in fitting the right shoe to the buyer. 

My father would never sell someone a shoe that he thought was not conducive to his health. Ever since, I have liked the idea of custom-fitting shoes. Today, about 90% of the shoes are mass produced and consequently cannot be tailored to the needs of the wearer. Most people wear shoes that are not suitable for their physique, which can be harmful. In my youth, I was interested in anatomy and orthopedics, so I studied the subject at Tel Aviv University. It was there that I got to know the subject, which I have constantly enhanced by earning from leading Israeli orthopedic professors in Israel. I keep up to date about any new development on the subject. 

This is very important because orthopedic medicine is constantly evolving, so it is essential to be up to date at all times. I am motivated by a great desire to help people and heal pain.” So what makes Achilles Heel special?

“One of the reasons is my deep knowledge of the subject accumulated during the course of my studies and during my internship. My expertise is to locate the pain in the back or the knee and try to solve the problem creatively. Over the years, I have received many tokens of appreciation, and my treatments have been recommended by many satisfied customers,” he says.

“I am very strict regarding the service I offer my clients and the professional diagnoses report, which is based on questions about factors such as the patient’s medical background and walking habits. I diagnose the entire foot thoroughly. I basically go over every tendon and vein, identify the customer’s pathology, and match custom-fit insoles. There are quite a few patients who prefer to come to me rather than an orthopedist, such as diabetics who need special insoles to maintain their health. The design of the insoles is based on the needs of the customer. If need be, we will keep adjusting the insoles until we find the right size and shape. My services to the customer do not end the moment we find the right insole because I am committed to their continued well-being.