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Private physiotherapy in Jerusalem

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) is aimed at helping people develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability. The treatments are aimed at improving functionality and maximizing the range of movement potential, allowing the patient to return to a maximum level of activity in order to promote quality of life.

Physiotherapy deals with the diagnosing, rehabilitating and preventing problems impairing movement and muscle and skeletal systems. The physiotherapist employs non-invasive techniques to assist in the natural healing process and to encourage positive progress to restore an optimal level of activity to the patient.

What kinds of problems can physiotherapy resolve?

Back and neck pain
Joint and muscle problems
Sports injuries
Work accidents
Injuries resulting from traffic accidents
Orthopedic problems before and after surgery
Neurological problems and developments such as paralysis, stroke and injury to the nervous system
Ergonomics (adaptation of work environments)
Performing arts
What does the Wallis Center offer?

Our experienced physiotherapists specialize in the most advanced methods for the prevention andrehabilitation of a wide range of injuries. The professional physiotherapy services we offer include tailor-made programs and extensive muscle, skeletal and functional assessments to determine the exact causes of your symptoms and pains.

By alleviating and preventing your acute or chronic movement dysfunction,we enable you to return to an active lifestyle and to optimum health.

The rehabilitation process begins immediately following the injury-causing event. Our goal is to ensure that patients coming to us after complicated surgery, road accidents and serious injury will return as soon as possible to full functionality.

Thus, for instance, a musician who stopped playing music following a serious hand infection was able to return to full functionality; a professional dancer who suffered injury went back to dancing; and an athlete who underwent difficult surgery resumed marathon running.

Our motto is that we will get even immobile patients walking.

For bed-ridden clients, we suggest commencing treatment at home and then continuing later at our clinic.

Our goals are:

Reducing pain
Improving and strengthening muscle and movement
Promoting healthy and independent lifestyle
Bringing you to maximum functionality and activity
How is treatment performed?

Every patient is invited to an initial meeting to assess the symptoms. An exact diagnosis is established in order to detect the problem’s source. During the meeting you will be provided with full information on the treatment program and the expected progress. If necessary, additional tests will be carried out.

The treatments we offer include:

Joint mobilization – this is achieved through slight pressure to increase the range of movement and to reduce pain
Strong and swift mobilization to increase range and reduce pain
Electrotherapy and ultrasound
Exercise technique to improve range of motion – suitable for back and neck pain
Manual techniques to reduce stiffness
Thermal Agents (hot/cold)
Posture correction
Ergonomic consultation
Rehabilitation after accidents and surgery
Treatment of joint problems – soft tissue
Rehabilitation of amputees
Foot treatment and fitting of insoles
Specialized pre-skiing program
Hire and adjustment of CPM machines